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There is a World Conspiracy against Internet Marketing!!!


Who is behind?

Are the Big Corporations & Governments interested more in having you as a WORKER (economicaly depending on them for jobs & money), or they preffer you more like a PARTNER, where you can decide your financial freedom?

Are the (public) Schools & Massmedia (newspapers, magazines, radios & TV) educating us enough how to be independent from all the points of view, including & especially economically, or a society of "workers for giant corporations" is easier for them to control "The System"???

"Internet is changing our lives!" (you know The Song), but we're still using it only for music, chat, entertaiment and BUYING things...When will we break the last barier: using it for Selling & WORKING on Internet?


From Luca Aleodor's desk,

Dear friend,

I am Luca, the guy behind "1 million in 1 year Challenge". I've tried to search for PROOFS (outside of Internet!) that big money can be made online! I've tried to find them offline, because the online one are still not convincing for many....I've searched for business Magazines covers (Business Week, The Economist, Time, Forbes, etc) to see how many they wrote about "The Big Revolution" of Internet Marketing on Work & Business....Unfortunately for me, I've managed to find only one who gets closer, because almost all the other are about Wars, Politicians, Crisis, Unemployment or Cheap personalities.

Imagine where it is NOW the Electronic Commerce after 11 years! Be affraid! The END is near! Antichrist is coming! Don't listen Luca!

As you can see on the cover of Time magazine from July 20 1998, "online shopping" was considered "faster, cheaper and better"...Imagine how it is NOW, 11 years after! Anyway, if so many businesses sell online nowadays, can we work for them on Internet, from the comfort of our homes?
If the company "ABC" from America produces the product "DEF" and sells it through Internet, and Paul from France would be interested to buy it, if you live in Poland, Internet offers you the opportunity to make the Customers (Paul) to meet the Offer ("DEF")...If you do this offline or online, you are entitled to a Commission. The techniques & technologies that make this happen are known as Internet Marketing (known also as "Make Money Online").

My answer to fight this Conspiracy is:

An unique exepriment: The Big Brother of Internet Marketing (Make Money Online - Work From Home Business)! Watch me LIVE making one million ( dollars / euros / pounds ) in one year by working online!

November 13, 2008 - November 13, 2009:          

Recession-Proof method to earn your living!

In 2009, many prepare themselves for new Recession(s)...I prepare myself to become millionaire!

What do I mean by "Recession Proof methods"? In my FREE reports that you can download it I explain into details and with many examples how by Internet Marketing (especially through "Affiliate Marketing") you can become a PARTNER for almost any type of company in the world (who produce & sell cars, PCs, food, cloths, books, music, software, services...EVERYTHING!!!) In the end, the Internet Marketing is about THE BEST HUMAN SYSTEM FOR MANAGING/ALOCATING THE RESOURCES (I mean is the easiest, cheapest & fastest way to "link" the SUPPLY with the DEMAND)! And with this tool in your hand, if you can help The Supply to meet The Demand, you have the right to a COMMISSION (the bigger the sells, the bigger your commissions are!)!

1 MILLION in 1 YEAR working on the InterNET, is impossible? Is it too much?

After YEARS of research, I've reached the conclusion that is too little! I've meet hundreds of people in this area, I've analyzed their business models and I've seen "the other proofs" that some guys really make at least a few thousands euros-dollars per month, and there are also those who indeed make MILLIONS per year!


Classic proofs:

Everybody seems to make it big these days on the Internet Marketing...All they show you "their" proofs:

- big HOUSES.
Watch my big mansion I live now...before I was living in an apartment smaller than my bedroom...:p

- expensive CARS.
Believe me, it is my Ferrari! I didn't rent it!

- expensive TRIPS.
It is me flying with the Business Class to Caribe...Every month I take at least one vacation like this!

- SCREEN CAPTURES and scaned images of the huge cash & sells they make "daily" (PayPall, ClickBank, Cheques, Ebay).
...and these are the incomes made only from one account, but I have many...:p

My proofs:

The more you digg into "make money online", you develope an eye for seeing who makes and who lies about it, bullshi*ing you with hypes about "millions made EASY on Automatic Pilot by working ONLY 4 hours a week". My proofs will focus on Facts, Numbers & Names! I don't want to show you "modified images in Photoshop" like many others do, about cars that I don't have or money that I don't make! In fact, I will describe different business models that can be used on Internet to make millions (or at least, more money that anybody can earn at "9 till 5 jobs"!), models which in fact are being used by only a few thousands nowadays. As you can see, only a few thousands it's a very small portion of the Internet users, but this category of Workers from Home on Internet is growing exponentialy...Will you stay outside of this trend, or you want to be part of the action?

Here is the deal:

By subscribing to my newsletter with your First Name and Email Address, you will get:

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You will automatically get in your Inbox (or Bulk) information on how to download these 2 reports (PDF files). 

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- FREE access to weekly videos from YouTube or even Live videoconferences, where I will show exactly my evolution;

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- FREE access to my Forum & Social Networks.


Being into the "Make Money Online Industry", I get in contact with lots of other Internet Marketers. Some of them offered me feedback about the Business Model behind my "1Million in 1 Year Challenge". Until now, definetly the most important feedback received (for one of my videos I released, in wich I was describing my personal approach to Marketing Online), it was offered by one of the Gods of this business, John Reese, known as "The 1million-1day-man" for what he did in 2004 (his experience inspired me to try the same):
John Reese - The one-million-one-day-man - Internet Marketing Guru
(as you subscribe to my NewsLetter, I will give more details on my blog and video-blog about this feedback & others)

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Read, Learn & Apply!

"The first million is more difficult!"
Luca The 1Million1Year Guy

How to make 1,000,000 Euros / EUR on Internet? Or 1.000.000 USD / United States Dollars Working From Home? 1000000 GBP / United Kindom Pounds Made Online! Internet made me 100000 NZD / New Zealand Dollars and 100,000 DKK / Denmark Kroner! 100.000 CHF Switzerland Swiss Francs working from home or 1000/day CAD - Canada Dollars or 1,000/week Canadian Dollars. Win 1 000 000 Taiwan Dollars Million Euros or Millions of Dollars? Milion THB - Thailand Baht made on internet! Milions Euros Online? hundred hundreds thousand thousands on-line social network social networks American Dollar Argentine Peso Australian Dollar Botswana Pula Brazilian Real British Pound Canadian Dollar Chilean Peso Chinese Yuan Colombian Peso Danish Krone Euro Hong Kong Dollar Hungarian Forint Iceland Krona Indian Rupee Iranian Rial Israeli New Shekel Japanese Japan Yen Malaysian Ringgit Mexican Peso Nepalese Rupee New Zealand Dollar Norwegian Kroner Omani Rial Pakistan Rupee Qatari Rial Saudi Riyal Singapore Dollar Slovenian Tolar South African Rand South Korean Won Sri Lanka Rupee Swedish Krona Swiss Franc Taiwan Dollar Thai Baht Venezuelan Bolivar CNY China Yuan Renminbi AUD Australia Dollars INR India Rupees RUB Russia Rubles www.1million1year.com

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